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General oilfield services


Services which include:

  • Winch tractor services

  • 340" Bed Truck

  • 412" Bed Truck

  • Multi-axle low boy trailers up to 48 wheels

  • Heavy equipment trailers

  • Step deck

  • Trombone Scrissors

  • Tank hauling

  • Tri drive trucks

  • 24 hr- 7 day a week service

  • Pilot trucks

  • Oversized and legal loads

  • Light Oilfield Hauling

  • Skid Steer

  • 1 Ton & Gooseneck

Jonesy Energy Services has a focus on delivering quality oilfield services, and with a proven history, can offer an unparalleled level of expertise when transporting everything from unusual oversized loads to small yet high value tools and parts.  This is paired with a highly skilled and dedicated team that always has safety on its mind.

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